Reimagine the Campus Contributors


List as of March 9, 2017



Cynthia and Richard Blumenthal

Roberta and Steven Denning

Frank Family Foundation

Jeanine and Robert Getz

Jessica and Drew Guff

Marsha and Carl Hewitt

Donald and Barbara Jonas

Isabel and Peter Malkin

Laura and Scott Malkin

Arlene and Reuben Mark

S & L Marx Foundation

Sabrina and Walter Raquet

Deborah and Chuck Royce

Susan and Gene Shanks

Gillian and Bob Steel

Ron and Davidde Strackbein

Lisa Tannebaum and Don Brownstein

John and Maree Townsend

Roxanne and Hugh Vanderbilt, Jr.

Sue Ann Weinberg and Jean W. Rose


Laurence B. Benenson

Susan and Dave Brownwood

Carol and George Crapple

Haley and Joe Elmlinger

Patti and Eric Fast

Livvy and Doug Floren

Icy and Scott Frantz

Helen and Lee Getz

Pam and Bob Goergen

Mryna R. Haft

Anne and Bill Harrison

Alice and Chris Holbrook

Michael Kovner and
Jean M. Doyen de Montaillou

Susan and Jim Larkin

Lewis Lehrman

Evelyn Lorentzen-Bell

Barbara MacDonald

Dinny and Lester Morse

Deanna and Steve Mulligan

Anne and Chuck Niemeth

Anne and David Ogilvy

Amy and Brian Pennington

Russ and Debbie Reynolds

Lucy and Lawrence Ricciardi

Edith and Roy Simpson

Catherine and Dave Tompkins


The Abraham Kamber Foundation

Connie and Tom Clephane

Helen and Bruce Dixon

Rachel and Chris Franco

Gray and Lauren Hampton

M.E. and Gudmundur Kjaernested

Susan E. Lynch

David and Lindsay Ormsby

Ellen and John Reid

Leigh Ann and Bob Ryan

Lucy and Mark Stitzer

Beth and Beau Taylor

Lynne Wheat

Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener

The William L. Richter Foundation


Ashley and Mark Allan


Elaine and Andy Bronin

Deborah Bogin Cohen

Bea and Peter Crumbine

Joan Faust

Muffie and Desmond Fitzgerald

Megan Flanigan

Fogerty Cohen Russo & Nemiroff, LLC

Virginia and Michael Genereaux

Sally and Max Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffman

Lynn Hurlock

Roslyn and Elliot Jaffe

Robin and Ken Kencel

Stephanie and Bill Kies

Annie and Ned Lamont

Louis and Virginia Clemente
Foundation, Inc.

Debra and Carl Mecky

Jack and Donna Moffly

Susi and Peter Orbanowski

Harley and Stephen Osman

Suzanne and Andrew Peisch

Emma and Mark Pennington

Emily Scott

Beverly Burke Siemon

Craig and Debbie Stapleton

Alease and Paul Tallman

Betsy and Michael Vitton

Carrie and Russell Wallack

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Community Development Block Grant

State of Connecticut Urban Act

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